• Adjustable airbag protector plate design to fit almost all vehicles.
  • Any force attempts to remove the lock will trigger the honk and alert passer-by.
  • With  “spoke”  of  the steering wheel locked, cutting the steering wheel will not help to remove the lock..
  • Its airbag protector helps to secure the car and the airbag as well

Fitting Instruction
1. Before  switching  off  the  ignition,  turn  the  steering  wheel  with  “spoke”  position  upward.
2. Open up the air bag protector plates, placing the lock on the dashboard.
3. Push  the  twin  hooks  upward  to  lock  it  on  the  “spoke”  of  the  steering  wheel,  done!
4. To adjust the degree of the air bag protector plate, use the special key provided, turn and screw upward or downward for the right angle.