For a pregnant woman , the control of blood sugar is important, because the mother is connected to the belly, what food the mother eats, the fetus is absorbed, and if the diet is not proper, it causes the blood sugar to be high or low.

Ingredients : Parboiled Basmathi, Calrose Brown Rice, Organic Tri-Color Royal Quinoa, Purple Bario Rice, Red Bario Rice.

  • Gluten-Free
  • Non- GMO
  • No Preservative

Content weight: 1kg

The main ingredient of PADIMAN Confinement Rice is Parboiled Basmathi from India, which has a low  carbohydrate  and  Low Glycemic Index. The so-called GI value refers to the Glycemic Index, which is the magnitude of the rise in blood sugar. The GI values of the food are all values detected by the laboratory. The GI value of food indicates that the less likely the food is to cause blood sugar to rise after digestion. A low GI diet is generally suitable for the general public, and can continue to eat even after giving birth.

In addition, our confinement rice also uses Tri-Color Royal Quinoa as one of the important ingredients. The rich protein of Tri-Color Royal Quinoa is comparable to that of meat, providing adequate and high-quality nutrition for pregnant women and fetuses. Tri-Color Royal Quinoa contains four times as much iron and calcium as wheat that can help to prevent calcium deficiency anemia during pregnancy, it can also help to increase fetal intelligence, bone and heart development. The high fiber and low sugar of Tri-Color Royal Quinoa helps pregnant woman to reduce the risk of constipation and diabetes.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place

Content weight: 1kg